About DDX

DDX Cinemas Private Limited is the diversification venture of the Drishti group. DDX Cinemas has been started to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry, in every dimension including quality and value of cinema. With strong financial backing, impeccable track record and strong corporate ethos, DDX has established a strong presence in the cinema exhibition industry in a very short span.

We aspire to continue being an admirable company and strive to excel in the minds of our customers, we believe that the size and reach of the theatre circuit along with quality, provides for a comfortable cinematic experience.

As a group we realised, Cinema is a reflection of society and it has immense capability of impacting the environment. Drishti group along with its various ventures felt both responsible and excited to redefine the experience of viewing cinema and has made it its vision to provide movie connoisseurs a premier experience by redefining cinema viewing.


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