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DDX Cinemas Private Limited is the diversification venture of the Drishti group. DDX Cinemas has been started to be the leader in the cinema exhibition industry in every dimension including quality and value of cinema. With strong financial backing, impeccable track record and strong corporate ethos, DDX has established a strong presence in the cinema exhibition industry in a very short span.


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Entire Audi @ ₹10,000

Food & Beverages (samosa/popcorn/cold-drink/water bottle/tea/coffee) can be added at a total cost of only ₹ 3,000  for all guests (1 item per person)

  • Book the entire audi at only ₹ 10,000 
  • Applicable for 100 people
  • Perfect seating for family functions, birthday parties, employee picnic, shareholder outings or association’s outings
  • Mic and speakers can be provided before the movie and during the interval for any communication/information that needs to be shared with the guests


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